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1. Engineering and Design Services

We offer design solutions for innovative products. Our R&D team will work with you based on your specific requirements and will redesign your product; adding functionality, improving quality or lowering cost. We have capabilities in mechanical engineering and tooling design for your product and associated enclosure.

2. Raw Materials Procurement

Onyx has an expert team of buyers with established relationships with material and component suppliers worldwide. We will exploit volume procurement opportunities to your advantage, further strengthening our supplier partnerships. The right materials delivered at the right time, at the right quality and right price equals reduced lead times.

3. Manufacturing and Assembly

Via our own and partner facilities, we can manipulate metals, plastics and other materials to create your desired product with a choice of surface finish. Onyx offers full service contract electronics manufacturing with capabilities in COB (chip on board), SMT (surface mount technology), BGA (ball grid array), through hole, plastic injection, sheet metal stamping, die casting, painting, powder coating and electroplating. Allied services and parts such as silk screening, pad printing, labelling and keypads can also be supplied. Our inventory management expertise and volume procurement capabilities contribute to lower cost and reduced production cycle.

4. Vertical Integration 

Onyx is your partner for complete procurement management as we specialise in integrated supply chain solutions. We have the resources to offer an efficient and competitive service for your requirements, from NPI (new product introduction), product redesigns, raw material procurement, PCB assembly, plastic and metal chassis manufacturing, final product assembly, functional testing, product packaging and logistics. Onyx is here to assist you every step of the way.

These integrated services allows Onyx to engineer, build and deliver a complete packaged product to our clients. Contact us and see how we can help you today.

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