Onyx internal

Who We Are
Onyx is an internationally oriented company and delivers Total Manufacturing Solutions with integrated business verticals

What We Offer
Onyx offers a turnkey service across a broad range of applications markets taking you from proof of concept, design optimisation, component sourcing and setting up production to volume production.

What We Do
We are a one stop shop and can consolidate all your metal, plastic and electronic requirements, including surface treatment.

Sheet Metal

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Plastic Covers

Metal Bracket

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Steel Wire
Cold drawn wire gives a clean, dimensionally accurate and good surface finish. Coiled wire is drawn to the required dimension and ....

Sheet Metal Stamping
Metal Stamping is used to produce high precision components and is often integral to our wire products ....

Tube Bending and Fabrication
With over 15 years of experience, our team of welders assemble, weld and punch tube and duct assemblies and fixtures. Design ....

Plastic Injection
With years of experience in plastic molding, Onyx's key competences and manufacturing capability includes ....

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